Train with the Best

On a daily basis, students participate in a one-hour group fitness session designed and implemented by our Director of Strength and Conditioning, Collin Strall. Group fitness sessions include work on speed, power, balance, movement, body strength, core strength, pre-habs (injury prevention), energy system conditioning, and flexibility. Strength and Conditioning sessions are designed for every student-athlete to reach maximum potential. Our Director of Strength and Conditioning fosters clear and open communication with each student-athlete not only to examine results, but also to ensure safety and prevent injury.
Prior to every tennis session, student-athletes are led through a 15 minute dynamic warm-up to accomplish the following: increase core body temperature, joint mobility, neuromuscular stabilization (balance), reaction time, and activate proper muscle firing patterns. The intense dynamic warm-up is necessary to engage the body in proper warm-up mode and to enhance a more effective tennis session.
In addition to working with players off the court, Collin Strall teams up with Grant Stafford, as well as all of the coaching staff, to work with the players on the court. Through this on-court team effort approach, student-athletes are able to develop their strength and conditioning skills in a manner that is consistent with their overall tennis training.
If you would like further information regarding the Strength and Conditioning program, please contact Collin Strall, Director of Strength and Conditioning, at 770-364-9019 or by e-mail at

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